We are a team that believes in a digital future that is much different from today
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About Us

Technology is powering businesses, and every domain is now a domain-tech. There has been significant improvement in the fields of infrastructure through the cloud, and data through Artificial Intelligence.

But how the world builds applications is still the same. Millions of developers yet write millions of lines of code to power this digital era.

At Open Weaver, we believe that, for the world to scale digitally, the way in which we build applications needs to improve significantly. We are investing in two essential pillars to deliver this:

1. Decades of knowledge available in the public domain, and growing exponentially

2. AI may not have matured to singularity but is smart enough to assist in building newer experiences.

With this unique combination of Knowledge + Intelligence, we are delivering
smarter ways to build the digital world of tomorrow.

Open Weaver is led by experts with global technology and multi-industry experience and backed by private investors. Open Weaver has offices in the US and India.